LX 30 S 1401 Optical Amplifier

Category : Optopus optical amplifiers

The LX 30 is part of the Optopus product portfolio. LX 30 is an optical amplifier based on EDFA technology for use in FTTx and HFC networks. The Optopus platform is a highly flexible and high density platform for all kinds of analog optical networks. The system is used in any network such as HFC, RF over Glass or RF Overlay in FTTX applications.

  • Optical amplifier for use in WISI Chassis LX 50
  • Amplification of optical signals in the C-band
  • Up to four output ports with adjustable output power
  • Optical test port for the output signal
  • Wide input power range enables application as booster- or inline-amplifier
  • Low electrical power consumption
Amplifier inputs 1 pcs.
Optical input power -2...+10 dBm
Amplifier outputs 1 pcs.
Optical output power 1x 14,0 dBm
Output level tolerance ±0,5 dB (Variation of output power over polarization, wavelength range and temperature range)
Output level variation ±0,5 dB
Wavelength 1530...1565 nm
Setting range amplifier 5 dB (0,1 dB-steps)
Noise figure ≤5,5 dB (at 0 dBm input power, nominal output power and signal wave length 1550 nm)
Return loss ≥45 dB (input - output)
Isolation ≥40 dB (output - input)
Optical test point output -2.5 dB (in relation to EDFA-output power)


SC/APC connectors 1 pcs.

General data

Power consumption typ. 5 W (max. 10 W)
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 30 x 133 x 320 mm
Environmental parameters -5...+45 °C (ETSI EN 300 019-1-3 Class 3.1)