Mini Line LR 92 A 1451 HFC MicroNode, upstream DFB 1450 nm

Category : Optical Network Terminations

The LR 92 A 1451 is an extremely low-noise optical receiver. Because of the high output level it is particularly well suited for the direct house distribution. It can be displayed through the LED and the DC measurement point, in the range of -8 to +1 dBm. The return path transmission is ensured through the 1450 nm DFB-laser. Multiple return path wavelengths on the same fibre are useable via CWDM. The output level is stable due to the automatic level control in the receive path. Its compact design requires a minimum amount of space, and the built-in measuring socket allows for control of the signals.

  • Compact HFC fiber node for FttB and FttH networks
  • DFB laser for the return-transmission with high signal quality
  • Several upstream wavelengths on one common fiber by using CWDM
  • High output level enables direct in-house distribution
  • Extremely low receiver noise for good reception quality at low input levels
  • Manual adjustment of optical level compensation for maximum flexibility
  • LED and DC test point for monitoring of optical input power


Wavelength 1260...1610 nm
Optical input level -8 ... +1 dBm
Frequency range downstream 85 ...1006 MHz
RF output level, sloped 98 dBµV (CENELEC 42 channels, 6 dB slope, at CSO/CTB >60 dB)
RF output level, flat 80 dBµV (CENELEC 42 channels, flat, at CSO/CTB >60 dB)
Attenuator downstream 0 ... 20 dB
Noise current density ≤ 4 pA/√Hz
Output test point -20 dB


Laser type Distributed Feedback (DFB)
Wavelength upstream 1450 nm
Optical output power +3 dBm
Frequency range upstream 5 ... 65 MHz
Input level range 70 ... 100 dBµV (for 5% OMI)
Attenuator upstream 0 ... 30 dB
Input measurement socket 70 dBµV (for 5% OMI)


F-socket 2 pcs. (RF in-/output, test port)
Input return loss 18 dB (-1,5 dB/Oct.)
SC/APC connectors 2 pcs. (Downstream input, upstream output)
Optical return loss > 40 dB

General data

Operating voltage AC 230 V
Power consumption < 6 W
Operating temperature range -20...+50 °C
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 163 x 90 x 50 mm