Mini Line LR 91 W 1550 Node for CATV downstream reception and RF Overlay

Category : Optical Network Terminations

The LR91 W 1550 is a compact receiver for CATV distribution networks and RF overlay. The integrated, very narrow-band, WDM filter allows the out-coupling of the xPON wavelengths, which are additionally connected to the CATV. It has a high output level up to 100 dBμV in the frequency range up to 1 GHz.

  • Compact node for CATV downstream reception and RF Overlay
  • Extremely low noise optical receiver
  • High RF output level, switchable: 80 dBμV (flat) or 100 dBμV (6 dB slope) for 4% OMI
  • Manual adjustment of optical level compensation for maximum flexibility
  • Test port for RF output signal
  • Monitoring LED and DC test port for optical input power
  • High-Isolation PON pass-through port for CATV overlay in single-fiber FttX networks


Wavelength CATV 1551 nm (±6,5 nm)
Optical input power -8...+1 dBm
LED monitoring optical input level red: low/high, green: OK
Frequency range 47...1006 MHz
RF output level, sloped 100 dBµV (CENELEC 42 channels, 6 dB slope, at CSO/CTB >60 dB)
RF output level, flat 80 dBµV (CENELEC 42 channels, flat, at CSO/CTB >60 dB)
Attenuator downstream 0...20 dB (infinitely variable)
Frequency response ±1 dB
Equivalent noise input max. 4 pA/√Hz
Output test point -20 dB


PON wavelengths 1260 ... 1537,5 nm & 1564,5 ... 1620 nm
Insertion loss <1 dB
Isolation COM -> RF downstream >45 dB (@ 1310 nm & 1610 nm)
Isolation COM -> PON >25 dB (@ 1551 ± 6.5 nm)
Isolation PON -> RF-Downstream >60 dB


Optical connector PON Port SC/APC connectors
Optical connector SC/APC connectors
RF connectors F female, 75 Ω

General data

Fiber type Single mode fiber 9/125μm
RF return loss min. 16 dB
Supply voltage 230 V AC
Power consumption 6 W
Ambient temperature -20...+50 °C
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 163 x 90 x 50 mm