Micro Line LR 10 K LB02 FTTH network termination with 2 LC/APC connectors

Category : Optical Network Terminations

The LR 10 FTTH platform provides an independent solution for fiber termination and receiving several optical signals like RF Overlay reception of CATV and satellite TV signals as well as return-channel capable HFC applications or Ethernet media converters. The base plate for easy wall mounting offers enough space for up to four fibers either with pluggable or spliced connectors. The range of extension modules starts from pure CATV / SAT-TV reception, incl. two RF outputs and ALC (Automatic Level Control) via return-channel capable HFC fiber nodes as well as media converters for Point-to-Point Ethernet applications. In conjunction with a deliberately designed flat cover, the LR 10 platform is an ultra-compact, iliving room compatible and totally unobtrusive system for easy fiber termination with expansion options. Whereby the modular extension towards active components could also take place later (migration) what in turn represents an economic advantage, as opposed to all-in-one solutions.

  • Modular platform for easy migration with extension modules
  • Wall-mounted FTTH network termination
  • LC/AP Ports


Splice tray For crimped and heat-shrinked splice protectors
Fiber type Single-mode Fiber
LC/APC connector 2 pcs.

General data

Dimensions (width x height x depth) 88 x 88 x 21 mm