VX 81 0P In-house/distribution amplifier, locally supplied

Category : Distribution amplifier Mini Line

MINI-LINE distribution amplifier in zinc diecast housing, flap cover for easy handling, attenuators and equaliser configurable via PADs and jumper. Measuring points on the input and output. Return path amplifier on the main board, low power input and high power output. Classification: VX 81 OP: KDG 1TS140 B (1.1)

  • Zinc die-cast housing
  • Flap-lid for easy handling
  • Configuration of attenuators and equalizers via PADs and jumpers
  • Return path amplifier on the circuit board
  • Low power consumption, high output level
  • Classification: KDG 1TS140 B (1.1)


Down-Stream / DS

Frequency range downstream 85...1006 MHz
Gain downstream 18...21 dB
Attenuator downstream 0...20 dB
Equalizer downstream 0...20 dB
Interstage equalizer downstream 3 dB
Output level 1 95 dBµV
Noise figure downstream ≤7,0 dB

Upstream (US)

Frequency range upstream 5...65 MHz
Gain upstream 16 dB
Attenuator upstream input 0...20 dB
Noise figure upstream ≤7,0 dB
Output level 120 dBµV

General data

F-socket pcs. F
Impedance 75 Ω
Operating voltage 230 V AC (± 10%, LED green)
Power consumption ≤4,5 W
Operating temperature range -20...+55 °C
Storage temperature -25...+75 °C
Protection class IP20
Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) EN50083-2
Lightning protection kV EN60728-2: 1 kV - 1,2/50 μs pulse
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 163x90x50 mm