VX 52 A Universal line amplifier, locally supplied

Category : Distribution amplifier Compact Line

The VX 52 A is a Universal line local feeding amplifier that has 2 active outputs and slots for feedback channel amplifiers, diplex filter modules and distributor/splitter modules. In addition, it has an incorporated VX 58 ASC module. All settings are adjusted via OH 41 or LMT (laptop).

  • Active single output
  • All settings with OH 41 A handset or LMT (laptop) when using a HMS-transponder
  • Interface for NMS-function
  • Diplex filters and splitter / tap modules pluggable
  • Return channel amplifier pluggable
  • ASC module VX 58



Inputs 1 pcs.
Input measurement socket 20 dB
Input return loss >20 dB
Frequency range downstream 47/85...1006 MHz (depending on diplexers)
Gain downstream 41(37) dB (with VX 58 for control range ASLC)
Noise figure downstream ≤6,5 dB
Attenuator downstream 0...15 dB (0,1 dB-steps)
Equalizer downstream 0...15 dB (0,1 dB-steps)
Interstage attenuator downstream 0/5/10 dB
Interstage equalizer downstream 0/6/9 dB
Output level 1 111 dBµV (CENELEC 42 channels, flat, at CSO/CTB >60 dB)
Output level 2 114 dBµV (CENELEC 42 channels, 6 dB slope, at CSO/CTB >60 dB)
Output test point 20 dB
Output return loss >20 dB
Output splitter 1 pcs. (Output level -4 dB with output splitter)


Frequency range upstream 5...30/65 MHz (depending on diplexers)
Gain upstream 30 dB
Noise figure upstream ≤7 dB
Attenuator upstream input 0...30 dB (0,1 dB-steps)
Attenuator upstream output 0...30 dB (0,1 dB-steps)
Equalizer US 0...10 dB (0,5 dB steps)
Output level 4 116 dBµV
ICS, US 0/-8/-45 dB
Upstream test point 20 dB


PG11 4 pcs.

General data

Operating voltage AC 180...265 V (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption 23/21 W (with/without transponder)
Remote power <8 A
Screening factor Class A, EN 50083-2
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 261x215x100,4 mm
Operating temperature range -20...+55 °C
Protection class IP66
Lightning protection 6 kV at all inputs and outputs