DM 02 B Splitter, 2-way

Category : Splitter CATV 1 GHz

The DM O2 B is a double distributor which enables the symmetrical division of cable signals on 2 lines. The distribution attenuation is 3.7 dB. High shielding properties (class A) guarantee an interference-free transmission of the signals in the input and distribution systems. A fast and safe connection is ensured through F-sockets.

  • Frequency range 5...1000 MHz
  • Screening factor according to Class A
  • High port isolation and return loss
Frequency range 5...1000 MHz
Distribution loss 3.7 dB
Isolation 30 dB
Return loss 18 dB


F-socket 3 pcs. (1x input, 2x output)

General data

Screening factor >85 dB (class A)
DC Bypass IN/OUT 1A/30V No
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 55x50x28 mm