LX 60 S Optical redundancy switch

Category : Optopus optical redundancy

The LX 60 S is an optical redundancy switch for Octopus LX 50. The LX 60 S has a large usable optical power range and low electrical power consumption.

  • Optical redundancy switch for operation in the WISI Optopus chassis LX50
  • Large usable optical power range (-35dBm...+21dBm)
  • Two input ports with optical power monitoring
  • Low electrical power consumption
  • LED signalling for input power, operation mode, switch- and module state
  • Free adjustable alarm- and warningvalues of optical power
Wavelength 1260...1620 nm
Optical power range -35...+21 dB
Optical insertion loss typ. 1 dB (max. 1,5 dB)
Optical crosstalk isolation min. 60 dB
Optical return loss min. 45 dB
Polarisation depend loss max. 0,15 dB
Optical switch time 10 ms max.
Optical switch repeatability ± 0,05 dB

General data

Optical input ports

Optical output port

Dimensions (width x height x depth) 30 x 133 x 320 mm (single-slot module for LX 50)
Optical connectors SC/APC connectors
Supply voltage 12 V DC
Power consumption max. 1,3 W max. 1,6
Ambient temperature -5...+45 °C (EN300 019-1-3 Class 3.2)