LX 24 X XEXX Multidiode Receiver for RFoG Networks, dual fiber version with EDFA

Category : Optopus optical receivers 19-inch

Upgrading your network infrastructures to OBI-free (Optical Beat Interference) RFoG networks with this active upstream receiver. Use up to 32 output ports (or cascade them to reach higher port numbers) and eliminate issues instantly with the dedicated upstream receivers. Each of these ports provides an input power measurement in real time and can be shut off if necessary (testing purposes or subscriber service shutdown). That's why the LX 24/LX 25 enables network providers to heal existing OBI-infected RFoG networks without any need to swap existing end user equipment. The solution will work with any upstream wavelength and laser mode. OPTOPUS and its OBI-free RFoG technology offer network providers a complete future-proof concept, while opening the doors for new FTTx deployments.

  • Dual Fiber Version
  • Multidiode receiver for RFoG networks
  • Converts existing RFoG networks to OBI free solutions without exchange of fiber nodes
  • Remote optical input power reading and switch off functionality per port via SNMP und WEB
  • Integrated CWDM Upstream transmitter
  • Integrated EDFA (with optional XPON bypass) to compensate splitter loss
  • Electrical upstream test port
  • Local or remote powered version available


Upstream Receiver

Optical input power+5...-3 dBmReceiving wavelength1260...1630 nmFrequency range5(15)...204 MHzOutput level70...85 dBµV (OMI=15%/ch)Frequency response≤ ±0,5 dBOutput attenuator0...40 dB (0,5 dB steps)Slope control0...8 dB (0,5 dB steps)Return loss> 20 dB ((-1 dB/Okt) min. 16 dB)Equivalent input noisemax. 7 pA/√Hz

Integrated upstream transmitter

Laser typeUncooled isolated DFB laserWavelength1270...1610 nm (CWDM)Output power3 dBmRIN< -145 dBHz-1OMI setting range3...8 % (75 dBµV measured @ TP), (step 1 %)

Integrated EDFA

Optical input level-2...+10 dBmOptical output level+17 dBmNoise figure< 6 dB

General optical parameters

Optical return loss> 45 dBInsertion loss DS (COM-> Out FN)typ. 18 dBInsertion loss US (Out FN-> PD_US)< 8 dBDecoupling COM -> PD_US> 60 dBOpt. output level @ output porttyp. -1 dBm


Downstream1x LC/APC or 1x SC/APCUpstream1x LC/APC or 1x SC/APCTest point1x FNode8x,16x or 32x ports

General data

Supply voltage65 V AC/48 V DC, 230 V ACPower consumption max.< 11 WAmbient temperature-20...+55 °CEMCEN50083-2Dimensions (width x height x depth)425 x 43 x 250 mm


Attenuator range0...40 (0,5 dB steps)Slope control0...8 dB (0,5 dB steps)Port 1-32 UpstreamOn/OffPort 1-32 Upstream opt. receiving powerdBm