LX 10 K 7005 Optical Transmitter

Category : Optopus optical transmitter 19-inch

The K-type series transmitters are intended for use in FTTx and RFoG architecture designs requiring high quality transmission over varying transmission lengths and EDFA output powers. These transmitters successfully support very high optical launch powers while controlling the detrimental effects of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS), group velocity dispersion (GVD), and self phase modulation (SPM). The WISI LX10 series product line is a family of state-of-the-art high performance 1550 nm externally modulated CATV fiber optic transmitters optimized for varying network applications. Packaged in a convenient 1RU housing, this line of optical transmitters couples high optical output powers, up to 11.0 dBm, with low optical linewidth resulting in unmatched performance. The optical modulator, combined with proprietary predistortion circuitry, provides superior CTB and CSO performance with SBS suppression levels of greater than 20 dBm. Advanced features such as built in field adjustable SBS control and electronic dispersion compensation allows these transmitters to be quickly optimized in the field for any link or application without the need to procure specifically tuned transmitters. This affords the system designer a level of flexibility previously unknown in the CATV market place.

  • Dual optical outputs
  • Field adjustable SBS suppression
  • External modulated transmitter
  • Redundant & hot swappable power supplies
  • Management via web interface and SNMP

Wavelength 1555 nm (± 1 nm)
Specified link length 40 km (in combination with additional EDFA)
Optical output power 2x +7 dBm
SBS suppression ≥ 21,0 dBm
Carrier-to-noise-ratio (CNR) ≥ 48,6 dB
Signal performance (37 analog, 50 digital) CSO/CTB ≥ 70,0 dBc
Input level 78 / 87 dBµV (PAL-Level/SAT-IF)
Front panel RF gain/OMI adjustment range +2/-4 dB (from nominal setting)
CATV frequency range 47...1006 MHz
CATV flatness ± 0.50 dB (47... 550 MHz), ± 0.75 dB (47... 1006 MHz)
CATV electrical return loss ≥ 16 dB (47...1006 MHz)
CATV RF test point -20 dB (±1 dB)

General data

Optical connectors Rear: SC/APC
EMC EN50083-2
Safety standards IEC 60950-1; IEC 60728-11; Laser IEC 60825-2
Operating temperature range 0...50 °C (ETSI EN 300 019-1-3 Class 3.2)
Supply voltage 230 V AC, AC primary, no secondary
Power consumption max. ≤ 65 W
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 483 x 45 x 381 mm
CNR test configuration EDFA: 21 dBm, Link: 40 km, Received Power: -5,6 dBm